Hey gang, so we’ve come all the way to my last post on my Reporting for Dummies series. We’ve now got all these lovely reports created and showing exactly what we want when we want to see them. But dammit, I want an easier way of getting the reports.

That’s where subscriptions come in. Yes, SCCM 2012 has a nice little feature called subscriptions that can help compile up the reports you want and have them saved onto a file share or even sent straight to your inbox on a regular basis! How neat is that? You can set up subscriptions for yourself, others or groups of people as you would expect.

So for us to set up a subscription, we must first go to the report we want to subscribe to. In this tutorial, we’ll create a subscription to “Computers with low memory (less than or equal to specified MB)”. Expand the Reporting and Reports node and click on the “Hardware – Memory” node.

After the reports appear, right click on “Computers with low memory (less than or equal to specified MB)” and click “Create Subscription”.

A “Create Subscription” wizard should appear asking you to specify the delivery method you wish for the report once the subscription is created. We’ll be creating a file share where the reports will be written to for this example but if you have an exchange connector configured, you could have the reports emailed out. Fill out all the fields as requiredYou’ll need to specify a username and password for the subscription to be able to access the file share.

Click Next once you are happy with your settings. You’ll now be able to specify the schedule and frequency of how the reports are delivered to your file share. Configure to your desires and click Next.

If you had chosen a report that has parameters in order to run then you will be prompted for their configurations in the next screen. Since we have chosen a report that does, we’ll have to enter in the amount of memory we want to use as the parameter for the report. Fill out the fields and click Next.

Review the summary of your subscription for the report and click Next to create the subscription.

Once the report has created, click close and voila! You now have a new report subscription! You can view all the subscriptions you have created by viewing the Subscriptions node under the Reporting node.

You can review the status of the subscription to see if there are any issues (such as incorrect credentials or the last report created) in the Status field of in the Subscriptions Node.



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